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Wine Cellar - Caveau
Giordano Hotel and Restaurant - Cavernago Bergamo Italy

The only one in Italy to own a Caveau

Wine Cellar
It is the elegant wine cellar, the undisputed jewel of the Giordano Hotel and Restaurant. To appreciate it just down the stairs that open immediately after the restaurant main entrance, enjoying the pleasure of a long walk among the shelves filled with bottles and slowly be accompanied up to what might be renamed the "wine library". The showcase of fine wines, a quiet and intimate space where lie valuable and unique vintages of italian and french “Classic wines”.

The exclusive Wine Cellar offering a wide range of excellent wines (more than 600 different wines from all over the world!) which can be sampled in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. Accompanying these drinks we offer delicious cold meats and appetizing cheeses which go well with the best Italian wines from Franciacorta, Tuscany, Piemonte, Triveneto and other renowned wine localities as well as with the finest French wines like Chapagne and other classic red wines.

Beside the tastes belonging to the tradition created and developed by the finest and most renowned wines, guests also have the opportunity to taste various new types of wine that arrive from all over Europe. The Giordano Hotel and Restaurant is pleased to offer its guests the tasting of french, spainish, german, austrian wines as well as all over the world, from places such as Chile, California and Australia, a real service to 360 degrees.

Following suggestions and the advices of an experienced sommelier, Giordano's guests will be given the chance to buy as much as they want of their favourite wine, from one, two, a hundred, to a thousand bottles.

The Giordano Hotel and Restaurant is the only one in Italy to own a "Caveau" for its finest wines, the dream of all wine enthusiasts, it preserves the precious jewellery of Giordano's Wine Cellar.

This precious and exclusive structure, completely made of iron and crystal glass, preserves with the greatest care its rich and valuable contents, monitored by a computerized control unit which ensures the optimal temperature of the wines, the perfect degree of humidity and the light filtering.

The Wine Cellar of Giordano Hotel and Restaurant is a valid reference point for wine enthusiasts, a safe place to find any bottle you want.

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